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I thought you might get a kick out of hearing a commercial I did for Constant Contact. It was really fun to go into the recording studio. But much harder than I thought it would be! Does anyone …

A Little History of Joseph Pilates


Every time I do Pilates I say a little thank you to Joseph Pilates. I can’t imagine my life without his incredible system.

The Joseph Pilates method of exercise was originally called contrology. At its roots lays the idea that

Be the Secret Behind your Client’s New Year’s Success

Blue Sparrow Pilates - Erica in the Badlands - photo by Nicholas Vasilakes

As fitness instructors, we all look forward to the new beginnings, new habits, new energy, and transformations that each New Year brings. Our clients come in with shiny new resolutions and goals. A we have the rewarding job of helping

New Prenatal Pilates App

Prenatal Pilates App Blue Sparrow Pilates

Prenatal Pilates App Blue Sparrow Pilates

“Whether you’re a mommy-to-be, or eager to drop those p

ostpartum pounds, Prenatal Pilates is made for you! Designed by STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and Blue Sparrow Pilates studio founder Holly Furgason, Prenatal Pilates addresses alignment and postural changes that …

Pilates During Pregnancy Helps Babies Brain Develop

Second Trimester Prenatal Pilates
Third Trimester Prenatal Pilates

Third Trimester Prenatal Pilates

With a decade of certification in Pregnancy Fitness/Postpartum Rehabilitation and many wonderful trainer-client relationships in the field, my passion for promoting fitness and health throughout pregnancy has never ceased to grow. I have seen the powerful …

Are You 80% Cookies or 80% Spinach?

Blue Sparrow Pilates spinach-cookie

Blue Sparrow Pilates spinach-cookieBelieve it or not, 80% of your body composition is what you eat.

One of my favorite teachers John Garey, founder of John Garey Fitness & Pilates in Los Angeles, put it best when he said,

“Great abs

Occasionally I Enjoy Being A Quitter


QuitterKnowing when to push and when to back off is a skill. This is especially true for Pilates and fitness instructors who come from a dance or athletic background where pushing hard is normal. Learning how to tell when you’ve …

Eight Rules for Successful Sessions

Flex Band Pilates

You have just been hired by a studio to teach Pilates as an Apprentice (or maybe as a Personal Trainer / CORE / TRX apprentice). You know your stuff. You have studied the exercises, know the goals of each exercise, …

Dropping Weight Alleviates Joint Pain

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Let me break it down: it’s estimated that a force of nearly three to six times one’s body weight is exerted across the knee while walking.

Being only 10 pounds overweight increases the force on the knee by 30-60 pounds …

Exercises to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Our hands and wrists are incredible pieces of engineering. Nearly every daily task we complete involves our hands in some way. As a result they can become overworked, tired, and sore. In this technological age, lets face it, most of …