Pro Cyclist Katie Hall Does Pilates

American professional cyclist Katie Hall is a fierce competitor with an infectious positive attitude. I met Katie in the off season, while she was preparing for a series of races in Europe as part of the brand-new Women’s World Tour, which culminates in the La Course race in Paris, France.

Katie heard about Pilates from a teammate and wanted to see how adding it to her training regimen could boost her performance on the bike. When Katie came into the studio she knew exactly what she wanted from Pilates and told me with a huge smile, “I’ve heard Pilates can improve my core strength, strengthen my small, deep muscles, give me greater mobility, and overall more power on the bike.”  And with then we got down to business.

Katie agreed to sit down and talk to us about the benefits of Pilates.

Check out this video of Katie Hall doing Pilates with Blue Sparrow Pilates studio owner Holly Furgason.  When we were filming Katie, we literally had a hard time keeping up with her — in a car!  Her speed and power on the bike is simply astounding.

Pilates has become popular among professional athletes looking for an edge. The Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers have both incorporated Pilates into their training regimens.  PGA Tour golfers and Major League baseball players are also benefiting from Pilates. After all, Joseph Pilates himself was a professional boxer.

Not only can pilates improve flexibility, balance and strength, it also emphasizes working in ways that elongate muscles, while simultaneously building stability and facilitating more efficient movement. In addition to helping performance it also helps to prevent injury and promote career longevity.

In June 2016, Katie Hall won the Queen of the Mountain Jersey at Women’s Tour of Britain.


Next up on July 24, just prior to the final stage of the Tour de France, the female peloton will ride the 89 kilometre course, with 13 laps of the 7km circuit on the Champs-Élysées between the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde passing by the Louvre. All 21 teams selected for the race want to take a prestigious win on the most beautiful avenue in the world.  And Katie is a main contender for the win.

Share this video with your clients so all athletes, novice to professional, can better realize the gains Pilates cross training can offer their sport!

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