Meeting Our Heros

Moria Merrithew, Melissa Kennedy, Holly Furgason, & John Garey
Moria Merrithew, Melissa Kennedy, Holly Furgason, & John Garey

Moria Merrithew, Melissa Kennedy, Holly Furgason, & John Garey

A few weekends ago Melissa and I headed down to Los Angeles for the Merrithew Health & Fitness Mindful Movement Conference to learn some new skills. Two weeks have passed since the conference and we’re still brimming with new ideas!


We were both super impressed with the level of teaching in all of the workshops that we took. It was really inspiring to learn from the STOTT PILATES® Master Instructor Trainers: PJ O’Clair, John Garey, Kim Kraushar, and Wayne Seeto. They each have tremendous experience, knowledge, and passion for what they teach. We couldn’t help but be energized by the experience!

I attended all of the CORE™ workshops offered with John Garey. CORE™ and John are BIG energy and serious work! I was like a sponge and learned every awesome-minute of my time with John. If you haven’t tried CORE™, you will be amazed at how fun a 45-minute killer workout can be!

Melissa focused her time on the new Total Barre™ program that the experts at Merrithew Health & Fitness™ have been cooking up! Melissa was delighted to find that Moira (co-founder of STOTT PILATES® and Merrithew Health & Fitness™) was teaching all of her Total Barre™ workshops – a gift to learn from Moira!

At lunch I met up with Melissa to see how her workshops had been going. She beamed, “They put tons of thought and research into creating a barre program that incorporated such sound biomechanics and all of the principles of STOTT PILATES®. The result is a barre class that’s very effective, safe and SOOOO much fun!”  Melissa and I plan to return to L.A. this summer to complete the Total Barre™ and bring it home to Blue Sparrow Pilates. Look for Total Barre™ at Blue Sparrow Pilates in Fall 2013!

We both came back from our long weekend sore, yet refreshed.  And as you can tell, we’re bursting with new ideas and excited about sharing this information with Blue Sparrow.


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