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Hey guys!

I thought you might get a kick out of hearing a commercial I did for Constant Contact. It was really fun to go into the recording studio. But much harder than I thought it would be! Does anyone like hear ing their own voice!?!?!

It’ll be airing through June on the following radio Bay Area radio stations.

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Confidence & Vulnerability

ConfidenceVulnerability_blogOver the years as a studio manager and owner, I’ve had the opportunity to hire many wonderful instructors that are new to teaching Pilates. Even the best new Pilates teachers can struggle with confidence; it was huge roadblock for me too.

It’s common for these teachers to be knowledgeable, smart, eager, and passionate but it’s almost as if they want to be so good that they sabotage themselves. By trying to constantly be awesome at everything, they doubt themselves and clients lose trust because the teachers demonstrate a lack of confidence.

Self-confidence and vulnerability are linked. You must make yourself vulnerable to teach. But you have to keep fear in check. This is a difficult balance to strike.

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How to Create Inspired E-Newsletters

InspiredENewslettersMany studio owners and teachers ask me how to get started creating inspired e-newsletters for their studios and clients. Here are a few reasons I love newsletters and some quick tips to get you started with your own!

Newsletters can be a really fun way to consistently reflect on what you’re learning about, what you currently love about teaching, and what inspiration you’ve gained from your clients. It cultivates the habit of always listening for a tiny spark of an idea. Often these ideas come from clients having a-hah moments, from becoming inspired by you fellow teachers, or by making a new connection. This practice of listening and reflecting is critical for continued growth as a teacher. That means that not only will your newsletter be a great way for you to network, but it will also help you to be more engaged in your work and with your clients. It can become a platform for your own learning and growth!

Sounds great right?! So let’s get started!

Make It a Labor of Love by Setting Time Aside to Write:  It does take a considerable amount of time to create articles, videos, and photos. But look forward to it each week by setting aside an hour or so to create the piece. If you don’t set time aside, it will be the last item on your to-do list which will make creating the story a hassle, hastily put together, or completely forgotten. For me, this creative time is first thing in the morning. Still in my pjs, I curl up with a cup of tea and get to writing.

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Warming Up Doesn’t Have to Be Boring. Why Nobody Should Skip the Warm Up.

More and more I hear teachers and clients say they’re going to skip the warm up. When I ask why, they say because their clients are strong and healthy or want the workout to be hard and so forth. I understand the reluctance to start slow and the desire to quickly move into a challenging workout, but a good warm-up can make all the exercises in the workout not only safer but more effective. And honestly, who doesn’t have 5-minutes to ensure a more safe and effective workout? So let’s talk warm up!

Many clients work all day then race to the studio just in time for class to begin their session. They’ve been sitting all day at a desk, in the car, barely moving out of a fixed posture. I always laugh when one of my clients  says she feels “fossilized.” A fossilized body needs to warm up. Read More


JerkoutMany of us have someone in our lives who gets “hangry,” or angry when they are hungry. I personally don’t have this issue. But recently I realized I needed to coin a term for my similar issue. When I miss my daily workout, I’m liable to have what I call a “jerkout,”  which means I get cranky from lack of movement!

Why do I “jerkout”? Exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain. In order for the brain to experience feelings of happiness, a neurotransmitter called dopamine is required. As we get older our dopamine stores are reduced. In order to restock these stores, we need to do activities that release dopamine in the brain. Exercise does just that by increasing the brain’s dopamine production.  More dopamine means more smiles and more laughter! Read More