Warming Up Doesn’t Have to Be Boring. Why Nobody Should Skip the Warm Up.

More and more I hear teachers and clients say they’re going to skip the warm up. When I ask why, they say because their clients are strong and healthy or want the workout to be hard and so forth. I understand the reluctance to start slow and the desire to quickly move into a challenging workout, but a good warm-up can make all the exercises in the workout not only safer but more effective. And honestly, who doesn’t have 5-minutes to ensure a more safe and effective workout? So let’s talk warm up!

Many clients work all day then race to the studio just in time for class to begin their session. They’ve been sitting all day at a desk, in the car, barely moving out of a fixed posture. I always laugh when one of my clients  says she feels “fossilized.” A fossilized body needs to warm up. Read More



JerkoutMany of us have someone in our lives who gets “hangry,” or angry when they are hungry. I personally don’t have this issue. But recently I realized I needed to coin a term for my similar issue. When I miss my daily workout, I’m liable to have what I call a “jerkout,”  which means I get cranky from lack of movement!

Why do I “jerkout”? Exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain. In order for the brain to experience feelings of happiness, a neurotransmitter called dopamine is required. As we get older our dopamine stores are reduced. In order to restock these stores, we need to do activities that release dopamine in the brain. Exercise does just that by increasing the brain’s dopamine production.  More dopamine means more smiles and more laughter! Read More

Nervous About Teaching Pilates Group Class? Read this.

CurbTheNervesTeaching is nerve-racking no doubt about it! You’re putting yourself out there with the hopes of helping others learn. So of course you will be nervous teaching a group class! Being nervous just means you care about what you are teaching.

Let’s play worst-case scenario here to hopefully dispel some teaching fears and make teaching a Pilates class a little less scary.

1- Generally the students in your class are not experts. You are the expert because you have taken a thorough Pilates certification program that requires hundreds of hours of training and practice. Trust your training.

2- Getting people moving will be a great benefit. Most people sit a lot for their jobs. Any movement you get them to do for an hour will be beneficial. So even a slow or basic class will be good for your students.

3- The students are nervous too. This may be the first time your students are trying Pilates. They may be nervous that they will look like an idiot or not be able to do the exercises. You have the opportunity to be the calm leader that guides them through this experience. Read More

Size Them Up, Build Them Up

SizeThemUpWhenever I travel I like to schedule Pilates at a local studio. It’s an opportunity to connect with teachers, learn a few new exercises, and get a great workout.

On a recent trip to Palm Springs with six of my girl friends, I scheduled a group Pilates session with Johnny Miller of Absolute Pilates. We all absolutely (no pun intended) adored Johnny, and his class was an excellent workout! Johnny possesses two teaching skills I would like to highlight so we all improve our own teaching.

Quickly Size People Up
It an essential skill to be able to meet people where they are and quickly assess their needs. If you can size people up, then you can give each individual what they need in terms of encouragement, corrections, and challenges. Read More

How to Create Kick-Butt Programs for Individual Alignment

How to Create Kick-butt Programs for Individual Alignment (2)Just like a table won’t stand without all four legs, your effectiveness as a teacher stands on your understanding of four components:

1- Your understanding of the exercises and their goals

2- Your ability to assess alignment

3- Your ability to program for the individual’s alignment

4- Your ability to teach to the individual’s goals

In this four part series, we will dig into all four of these essential components so your table is sturdy and built to last.

Today’s topic is #3: How to Create Kick-Butt Programs for Individual Alignment. Read More