Want to Power Up Your Sessions? Refine Your Cueing.

IncreaseChallengeRefineCueingClients often tell me my sessions are really challenging. Yesterday I taught a reformer class all essential reformer. The basics, nothing fancy. After class, I asked if the students had enjoyed what I perceived to be my more gentle class. One of the students said, “It was really hard.” I was shocked because I had tried to tone down the challenge a bit. The student added, “You correct us so much we can’t get away with cheating.” Ah haaa!

People talk about Joseph Pilates as a demanding and deeply committed teacher. So don’t ignore your passion for form and eye for detail. Instead, embrace it!

Of course if you are a brand new teacher, just get people safely moving and get the words out. But if you’ve been teaching for a while and want to challenge your clients within the essential level exercises, I can help. Read More


What I’ve Learned From Mentorship

WhatLearnedThroughMentorshipI’ve been fortunate to have had several amazing mentors so far in my career as a Pilates teacher. I can honestly tell you that I believe mentorship has made the most significant difference in my professional development as a teacher. If you’re a Pilates instructor who’s looking to improve their teaching, I encourage you to find a seasoned mentor.

Through a friend, I was introduced to my first Pilates mentor, Aimee McDonald-Anderson (she’s in the photo to the right and still teaching in Michigan so look her up if you’re in the Midwest). I had just begun my STOTT PILATES® teacher training. She welcomed me into her studio where I practice taught, observed her sessions, and met with her on a weekly basis. During our weekly private sessions I honed my physical practice and asked tons of questions to clarify issues that had come up during my practice teaching. Even after 14 years of mentorship from Aimee, she continues to be a tremendous support.

Through the years I had other wonderful mentors who I greatly admire. Each mentor offered a different perspective on teaching but all have helped me to grow as an instructor. In looking back, here are the three biggest insights I learned from my mentors. Read More

Exam Prep To Go: Study Tips for the Busy Student

StudyTipsChances are you’re busy. There is no doubt that balancing work, family, and daily commitments while training to be a Pilates instructor can be a lot. So it’s important to find ways to squeeze in study for your certification exam. But I bet if you dedicate a few minutes everyday towards preparing for the test, you’ll make steady progress.

Erica, Blue Sparrow Pilates’ Education Coordinator and recently STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, shared with me her super smart tricks for carving out a little study time every day. I recommend you try each of these strategies for one week. At the end of three weeks you will likely shock yourself with the progress you’ve made!

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On the Air

Hey guys!

I thought you might get a kick out of hearing a commercial I did for Constant Contact. It was really fun to go into the recording studio. But much harder than I thought it would be! Does anyone like hear ing their own voice!?!?!

It’ll be airing through June on the following radio Bay Area radio stations.

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Confidence & Vulnerability

ConfidenceVulnerability_blogOver the years as a studio manager and owner, I’ve had the opportunity to hire many wonderful instructors that are new to teaching Pilates. Even the best new Pilates teachers can struggle with confidence; it was huge roadblock for me too.

It’s common for these teachers to be knowledgeable, smart, eager, and passionate but it’s almost as if they want to be so good that they sabotage themselves. By trying to constantly be awesome at everything, they doubt themselves and clients lose trust because the teachers demonstrate a lack of confidence.

Self-confidence and vulnerability are linked. You must make yourself vulnerable to teach. But you have to keep fear in check. This is a difficult balance to strike.

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