How to Capture Clients & Intensify Your Core Message

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Let’s talk messaging.Fit4Real Teach On-message Pilates Holly Furgason

During a Pilates session, what is the most important message you aim to communicate to your clients? Or to say it in a different way: What are the key points about Pilates you want your clients to be thinking about during the session (and perhaps outside of the session later on)?

Seriously, take a second and write down a few ideas. I’ll wait…

So, I asked this same question to a few Pilates instructors. They said:

The function of transversus abdominis;
The benefits of core strength;
Understanding what is proper alignment;
The importance of training the smaller muscles;
Stability vs. mobility;
The Basic Principles of Pilates;
Creating balance in the body or balancing out habitual motions.

And so forth. You probably have a few additional ideas to offer. Please share them with us in the comments below.

As a Pilates instructor it’s extremely important to stay on message. To stay on message means to be persistent in getting your key points about Pilates across. It also means promoting the studio you work at and keeping clients coming back for more. Read More


Pro Cyclist Katie Hall Does Pilates

American professional cyclist Katie Hall is a fierce competitor with an infectious positive attitude. I met Katie in the off season, while she was preparing for a series of races in Europe as part of the brand-new Women’s World Tour, which culminates in the La Course race in Paris, France.

Katie heard about Pilates from a teammate and wanted to see how adding it to her training regimen could boost her performance on the bike. When Katie came into the studio she knew exactly what she wanted from Pilates and told me with a huge smile, “I’ve heard Pilates can improve my core strength, strengthen my small, deep muscles, give me greater mobility, and overall more power on the bike.”  And with then we got down to business.

Katie agreed to sit down and talk to us about the benefits of Pilates.

Check out this video of Katie Hall doing Pilates with Blue Sparrow Pilates studio owner Holly Furgason.  When we were filming Katie, we literally had a hard time keeping up with her — in a car!  Her speed and power on the bike is simply astounding. Read More

Pilates Teachers Must Learn Flow (and How to Teach It)

When it comes to group instruction, exercise selection is one of the most noticed components of the class.  Program design plays the defining role in how a workout is perceived, and therefore, how successful the class will be.Fit4Real_headingLayout_Flow

But coming up with a class design that has flow is often a challenge for many otherwise highly-trained instructors.  They may be indecisive about which exercises to choose, or by how many equipment setups to include, or they may second-guess how to sequence one exercise into the next, or how to make their class distinct from others.

Do these challenges sound familiar? If so, I have some great news for you.

When you focus on creating flow, your classes will dramatically improve.  Attendance will grow.  Your students will feel challenged without sacrificing quality.  And you will feel the confidence to lead.


Designing a class with flow in mind doesn’t require any special skills.  

All you need is a basic understanding of flow, a bit of creativity, and these 5 strategies to get started.

Read More


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Fit4Real_HowCriticumCanMakeYouGrowIgnorance. We all have it. And I’m going to tell you how you can overcome your own ignorance, not only by learning to deal with criticism, but by hungrily seeking it out. And not just in your first year or two of your teaching career — for your entire career.

Boom. That’s a mic drop kind of statement.

So, let me say it again: I’m encouraging you to seek out opportunities to be evaluated and re-evaluated as a Pilates instructor, no matter how long you have been teaching.  

To shed some light on this subject, let’s talk about ignorance.

Ignorance is the opposite of competence. Ignorance is being uninformed or lacking knowledge. The kind of ignorance I’m talking about is well intentioned, not deliberate or willful.

This week, I had the pleasure to be introduced to something called the Dunning–Kruger effect (it was in reference to the current American presidential race). The Dunning–Kruger effect demonstrates that unskilled individuals are nevertheless prone to overestimation of their superiority. Dunning and Kruger attributed this phenomenon to an inability of the unskilled to evaluate their own ability accurately.  

And what’s really fascinating about their research is that it suggests that highly skilled people tend to underestimate their competence. So the effect results in delusional thinking on both sides.

What’s scary about this is that at any time you really don’t know if you’re the highly skilled or the unskilled. Yikes! Read More

Is it the End of the Community Pilates Studio?

Fit4Real_IsIttheEndFor as long as I can remember, I have been working on becoming a better Pilates instructor. But I have to level with you. Lately I’ve been in a funk. Heavy with doubt and uncertainty about my chosen field. Why?

With all the competition in the San Francisco Bay Area fitness industry it has felt like I’ve had to move faster and faster just to not get left behind. I can’t think of a better way to describe this feeling than by referencing Indiana Jones & the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Jones snatches the gold treasure, replacing it with a bag of sand. He thinks for a minute that he’s successful and then the ceiling starts to collapse around him. He runs faster and faster and the boulders behind him are bigger and bigger.

The fitness trend is nothing new: don’t work out more, workout more intensely and it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it right, just do it. But, this time around this trend is different. Why is it different? Because this fitness trend now has all the backing of big companies which have big money and technology. The result?

High level Pilates instructors are being treated as commodities.

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