The Benefits of Taking Advanced Courses

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You’ve been practicing and mastering all the material in your foundational courses. You know how to perform the essential and intermediate exercises. Your personal strength, endurance, and stability have grown throughout your course work. The intermediate exercises are becoming easier …

“My Ribs Hurt” During Longbox on the Reformer


Blue Sparrow Pilates - Ribs Hurt on Long Box

Have you ever had a client constantly complaining about their ribs hurting on the long box? One easy work-around I commonly see is placing a pad under their ribs to soften the surface. But adding the pad under the ribs …

Stabilize Your Scapula

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The principle of scapular stabilization is a new one for many clients. Frequently, people don’t realize that their shoulder blade just floats on top of their ribcage and has no bony attachments directly to their ribs or spine.


Explaining the …

Listen Up for Mindful Exercise

Blue Sparrow Pilates - Mindful Exercise

Teaching your clients to be mindful, specific, and focused when exercising is one of the most effective ways to ensure beneficial physical training. Obviously when you are training them, they hear your cues and make adjustments. But what happens when …

Learning to Teach through Observation

One of the most important and effective ways you can learn to be a better instructor is through observing other teachers. In fact, it is so critical that the biggest teacher training programs such as Merrithew require observation hours as …

Eight Rules for Successful Sessions

Flex Band Pilates

You have just been hired by a studio to teach Pilates as an Apprentice (or maybe as a Personal Trainer / CORE / TRX apprentice). You know your stuff. You have studied the exercises, know the goals of each exercise, …

Take Your Teaching to the Next Level

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Many teachers hit a bit of a plateau after they have passed their certification exam and have been teaching for about a year. Here are a few tips on how to keep take your teaching to the next level and

Could You Be a Pilates Instructor?

Become a Pilates InstructorOne of my favorite things about being a Pilates Instructor Trainer is that I see people build careers out of their passion for movement. Sometimes it starts when a client says, ‘I really like doing Pilates, but could I learn …

6 Tips to Maximize Your Practice Teaching


The top Pilates and fitness certification organizations require you to complete practice teaching. These practice teaching hours occur outside your normal course hours, and are essential in order to fully understanding the material. Here are six quick tips to help

Why You Should become a CORE™ Instructor

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11Holly_Photo by Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black

As a fitness professional, you’ve probably already heard of CORE Athletic Conditioning + Performance Training™, the new high-intensity interval training program from the developers of STOTT PILATES®. But you might be wondering, ‘Why would I become a CORE™ instructor?’