Blast Your Bod with CORE


CORE is a complete blast- you will have fun and work your butt-off!

We’ve started teaching an Instructor Course for CORE, so here’s an overview of what clients can expect from it.

What is CORE?
CORE is an interval training class. It’s based on resistence, endurance, or muscular endurance. So, we’ll perform higher repetition, with not as much resistence as you would for a power workout. But it’s a longer duration so you should get to faitigue by the time you finish each segment.

The Format
We will start with a dynamic warm-up that will get your joints moving and increase your core temperature.

Then we will have three different work intervals. Each interval will have three exercises within them. We will do them first a little more slowly and take an active recovery at the end of that. Then do the second two intervals in a row with a little more speed and challenge.

These exercises will work the entire body for a balanced, full body workout.

We will finish with a quick cool down.

During the entire class I want clients to listen to their body and go at their own pace. And most importantly– have fun!


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