Be Fit to Stay Frisky

Recently one of my students who is in her seventies said, “If you want to age well, you cannot stop doing anything– not even for a second! I’m doing more now than I was 15 years ago.”  Every week she comes in for a Pilates workout with me. At home she lifts weights and TRX® trains. And twice a week she meets her friends to play a few rounds of tennis.
Holly Furgason, Blue Sparrow Pilates

I believe she’s absolutely right.  We need to keep active to stay healthy, and diversifying our activities creates more balance in the body.

What we’re really talking about is cross-training. Cross-training can improve your overall performance in a sport or activity, and in your daily life. Cross-training refers to combining various kinds of exercise to work various parts of the body. Really, the body likes new challenges and any one activity works only certain muscle groups. Cross-training works different muscles, different planes of motion, and best of all it adds variety for more enjoyment.

I recently started training for an annual bike race that is part of the professional Tour of California. To be completely honest, when I began training there were not enough days on the calendar before the race to train. So I decided to train differently this year. I ride as much as I can, but I am also taking CORE™ Classes, GYROTONIC® sessions, running on the elliptical, walking, and of course doing Pilates. I won’t know how my training pays off until the end of April when I attempt the bike race, however I can already tell you that my overall fitness increased at a surprising rate, and cross-training was key.

So get out there and hike, bike, run, walk, swim. AND get in here for STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC®, TRX®, and CORE™.



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